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Feast for the Future Tickets

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Feast for the Future

A communal gathering to celebrate the relationship between caring for ourselves and caring for our planet. On the heels of Earth month, we’ll reflect on how to nurture a greater sense of care for ourselves and our environment through our everyday actions and rituals. 

Bring your own bowl for a nourishing and indulgent feast featuring:

Brothy Beans from Primary Beans

Sourdough Breads from Bake Shop

Natural Wines 

And more!

Wednesday, May 1st, 6-8pm | Bake Shop Seattle

Meet Your Hosts:

Progressive Hedonist - A new platform that shares inspiration for living joyfully while helping to reverse climate change.

a big idea - A creative studio that launches brands and experiences to deepen our shared humanity.

Primary Beans
 - Seattle-based pantry brand bringing the freshest dried beans to your table, to deepen our connection to food and the land it comes from.  

Bake Shop - Seattle-based bakery, cafe, & wine bar, dedicated to serving up the highest quality baked goods while minimizing waste.