all-day café • housemade baked goods • naturally leavened breads • sandwiches • salads • snacks • natural wine bottle shop

221 1st ave W, Seattle

Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm

Saturday, 8am - 6pm

Sunday, 8am - 5pm


more than just a bakery...


country loaf

seedy brown bread

spelt sourdough focaccia

semolina sourdough rolls


yukon gold potato cinnamon rolls (v)

yukon gold potato ham & cheese rolls

seasonal galettes

buckwheat biscuit with seasonal jam

quesadilla cakes (gf)

rotating seasonal cakes

salted espresso chocolate chip cookie

double chocolate cookie

oatmeal golden raisin cookie

miso buckwheat chocolate chip cookie (v, gf)

dark chocolate brownie (v)

cardamom butterhorns


granola & yogurt - housemade yogurt, your choice of cardamom granola (gf) or bread & chocolate granola


we have a full espresso menu & rotating seasonal coffee drinks

loose leaf teas and matcha from Miro Tea

wine by the glass - rotating natural wines, we usually have a red, white, and either a skin contact or rosé

beer from local breweries on bottles or cans

sparkling waters, kombuchas, and soda also available

we're also a counter-service restaurant & wine bar


roasted veggie toast (v) - country loaf, seasonal veggies, spicy cashew sauce, dill

tuna salad toast - seedy brown bread, zesty lummi island tuna salad, housemade mayo, pickled beets, dill

nut butter & jam toast (v) - seedy brown bread, almond-cashew butter, seasonal jam

SANDWICHES come with side salads

ham, cheese, & pesto sandwich - spelt focaccia, olsen farms ham, house mayo, pesto, tallegio cheese, pickled shallots, micro greens

breakfast sandwich - semolina roll, hot mayo, fritata with kale, leeks, and gouda, pickled daikon, olsen farms ham

chickpea sandwich (v) - semolina roll, house mayo, chickpea salad, pickled red onion, dill

golden beet sandwich (v) - spelt focaccia, marinated golden beets, dill-dijon aioli, herbs

grilled cheese - country loaf, gouda and beecher's cheese, housemade mayo


house salad (v, gf) - greens, pickled shallots, mustardy vinaigrette, hazelnut dukkah

herby caesar salad - greens, herbs, house caesar dressing, parmesan, charred apricots, anchovy croutons

rotating seasonal salad


marinated olives/roasted nuts/pickles

burrata plate - country loaf with seasonal butter, burrata, olsen farms mortadella

charcuterie board - sourdough crackers, gouda, sawtooth cheese, salt blade picante and genoa salami, house pickles, seedy honey